On this page, we have tried to gather the most frequently asked questions by our brides. If you still have questions, please contact us using the form below or by phone. +48 799 036 079


Do I need to schedule an appointment for a fitting?
Yes. Sometimes we have so many clients visiting that you might have to wait a long time. However, if you schedule an appointment for a specific time, you will be served out of turn. It is advisable to reserve time for yourself through the form at the bottom of each page of our website or by phone at +48 799 036 079. The situation in the schedule changes, so these are the most convenient and fastest forms of contact. If you want to change or cancel an appointment, it's best to contact us by phone.



What do you need to know before scheduling an appointment?
You should order your wedding dress 6 months before your wedding date. In extreme cases, we can handle it faster, but we do not recommend delaying the order until the last minute – you may have a very limited selection. Our dresses come in sizes from 36 to 54, depending on the model. The prices of our dresses range from 1000 PLN to 6200 PLN. If you establish your budget before the visit, please let us know.



Do I need to order the dress well in advance?
Yes, we usually recommend ordering a wedding dress at least 6 months before the wedding. This allows time for the dress to be tailored and any necessary alterations to be made. In the case of ready-made dresses from stock, the waiting time is shorter, but it's still a good idea to think about ordering in advance.



How long does the appointment last?
We allocate up to 60 minutes for the appointment, and on Saturdays, up to 45 minutes. If you need more time, please contact us, and we will see what can be done.



How should I prepare for the appointment?
Coming with one or two people who know your preferences and style can help with making a choice, but don't bring too many people as they may create more confusion than help.

Wear nude, well-fitted underwear that you feel comfortable in. If you wear shaping underwear for special occasions, bring it along for the fittings. You can also bring your favorite heels if your wedding shoes will have a similar heel height. Opt for subtle makeup on the day of the fittings.

Prepare photos of dresses you like and inspiration photos for your wedding theme – those on your phone will suffice. You can also send them to us on Facebook, Instagram, or via email.
Is it worth aiming for a specific model from a photo?
Even if you have fallen in love with a dress from a photo and are almost certain it's the one, it's worth trying on other dresses suggested by the stylist or those you choose yourself for comparison. This way, you will gain 100% certainty that the dress from the photo is the one you dream of, or you may redirect your attention to another creation.



Are all the dresses from the website available in the salon?
In the salon, we have selected models from those shown on the website, as well as many models that are not on the website. However, all dresses from the website can be ordered.



I have chosen a dress, what's next?
Once you have chosen your dream dress, we will sign a contract for the dress order, and you will make a deposit. The deposit is 50% of the dress's value.

When your dress is ready and waiting in the salon, we will schedule the first fitting.

Please bring your wedding shoes and the bra you will wear on your wedding day with you. Our seamstress will tailor the dress to fit you perfectly. After the first fitting, you will pay the remaining 50% of the dress's value.

Next, we will schedule the second fitting. If everything fits perfectly, you can take the dress. If any adjustments are needed, we will schedule one more meeting for dress pickup.

We will provide the dress to you clean, pressed, and packed in a cover.
Is it possible to make changes to the designs?
Small cosmetic changes are allowed, and we discuss and consult them individually during fittings. Large changes may incur an additional fee.



Can the dress be rented?
Yes, you can rent any dress from the salon. This option allows you to save up to 50% of the costs. Before the wedding, there is a fitting, and the dress is perfectly tailored to your figure. The dress is usually picked up 2 days before the wedding and returned 2 days after the wedding.



Can I buy a ready-made dress?
Periodically, you can purchase all the models from the showroom at a special price.



Do you offer accessories in your range (veils, outerwear)?
In our range, you can find both veils and various types of boleros, jackets, shawls, and scarves. We also have handmade hair accessories, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.



What should I do if I ordered a dress and it turns out I am pregnant?
Congratulations! However, please contact us immediately to adjust the order.



Is it possible to make changes to the wedding dress?
Yes, it is usually possible to make minor changes to the wedding dress, such as shortening the length, adding or removing appliques, or changing the color of ribbons. However, larger changes may incur additional costs.



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