Important information
"Traditional" option

Atelier Tesorosi is a beautiful story that began as a humble family business. We are from St. Petersburg, a city of extraordinary charm that is known around the world for its magical white nights and incredible history

This is why we strive to combine comfort and subtle beauty in our creations. You are the center of every dress created by us - the designs of these creations are airy, the pastel shades suit absolutely every complexion, we create graceful and subtle cuts and materials that we buy from the best factories in the world!

Each dress is a unique story that we create with you. We are in love with different colors.
We specialize in sewing colorful wedding dresses, but we also enjoy and love creating amazing white creations.

We work with any figure of any shape, because in our atelier there are no limits for us!

We work 24/7 to make dreams come true. We sew gowns, look for new fabrics and ideas, respond to all emails from our clients on all social media sites.
What are the options in our Atelier?

1. Made-to-measure dresses from our collection.

2. Tailor made sewing of the dress according to the Bride's ideas. If you want to sew a dress made of several different models or of your own design, you need to know what you want and tell your consultant exactly what you want. And please ask for photos or a sketch, we will be happy to help you choose the cut, color, materials and decorations.

Gowns on hangers are only used as samples for trying on. If you wish to purchase a dress, you must order it at least 2 months before your wedding date. We can sew it on short notice. Our recommended deadline is 3-4 months before the ceremony date. The actual sewing of the dress takes 6-8 weeks but most of the fabrics used are imported from abroad and this process takes time. In addition, it is necessary to make fittings and make any necessary corrections in order for the dress to fit properly.

When ordering a dress, it is necessary to pay 50% of the dress value as a deposit. What should you do if you want to order a dress, but do not have enough money to sign the contract? Please talk to the seller. We will find a way out of this situation, for example by dividing the total amount into smaller installments.

If you want to dive into the world of magic, happy brides and perfect dresses, we invite you to meet us! Over a cup of coffee, we'll talk about your tastes, favorite cuts, and wedding. We'll help you figure out styles and pick out fabulous laces.