Measuring instructions

Measuring instructions

We will show you how to take the measurement correctly. It is worth doing if you plan to order one of our wedding dresses online. We have created for you a simple and convenient scheme which you can print out or save to your phone.

In this chart we have not only taken into account the standard bust, waist and hip circumferences, but also added some other important indicators. We remind you that it's best to take your measurements in your underwear: that way they will be accurate. Ask another person to take your measurements - only then will you get accurate measurements


It is best to measure it from the top of the head to the floor the way you did as a child: against a wall or door, on which you can leave a light line with a pencil, and then measure the distance from one point to the other with a tailor's centimeter.

Bust circumference(Obwód biustu)
It is better to ask someone to help you: the tape measure must go over the most protruding part of the bust and shoulder blades, without falling on the back.

Waist circumference(Obwód talii)
Without pulling in your belly, wrap a centimeter around your waist (the narrowest point of your torso) in such a way as to join the two parts in front.

Hip circumference(Obwód bioder)
The tape measure must go through the most protruding points of the buttock, without drooping either in front or on the sides. In a given case, it will be much easier to take the measurements if you connect the two parts of the tape measure at the side.

Sleeve length(Długość rękawów)
Here, too, you'll need someone's help: extend your arm a little forward and bend it slightly at the elbow so that your posture is as natural as possible. The tape measure should go across the inside of your arm from shoulder to wrist.

Back length(Długość pleców)
Stand straight, preferably in front of a mirror: do not bend over and try to keep your shoulders at the same level. Ask someone to apply a tape measure to the middle of your neck: the point that sticks out the most at the back is the protruding vertebrae from which you should start measuring. Have the tape go from the protruding vertebra all the way to your waistline - this is how you will measure the length of your back.

Shoulder width(Szerokość ramion)
This is easy: just measure the distance from your neck to the shoulder seam line.

Indicative size chart

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